I started tattooing in year 2000.
I worked several years in Tampere, Finland. Most of the time there I tattooed at studio Putka Tattoo, which we opened together with tattooist Ile and piercer Janna. Later my very talented friend JP joined us.
I moved back to Helsinki year 2007, and worked at Bound Tattoo with lovely Jenni, owner of the studio.
I started my own shop at year 2008, my first born Luau Tattoo studio at Kallio, Helsinki. Iris Lys, close as sister to me, came to work with me. Those years were so much fun!
After I got my two most beautiful babies, and Iris moved to London, I moved my shop to Töölö, Helsinki. Also I changed the outlook a bit, calling it now L Tattoo.
Currently I work at L Tattoo, but travel among that.

I do illustrations besides tattooing and photograph a lot. I used to study photographing before getting as a tattoo artist.

I update here most newest stuff I’m on, tattoos and a life as I see it. If you want to contact me in any matters, feel free to mail me linda.raiha(at)gmail.com.